Computing ALMA Software Logs

Logs from AOS, AOS2, AOS64, and TFINT since November 2010.

system: Contains all the system logs generated in the STE (logOutput2011-06-20T09:06:34.522--2011-06-20T10:23:49.862.xml).

core: Contains the backtrace of every core dump generated by the system.

container: Contains the individual logs for every container in the system like: CONTROL/DV01/cppContainer.

omc: Contains the operators OMC logs.

acsservicesdaemons: Contains the logs for the acsservices.

acscontainerdaemons: Contains the logs for the acscontainer.

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.. / logs / APE1 / ACSSERVICESDAEMON / 2017-01-04 /
File Size Modified
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[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas08-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 444.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas08-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 437.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas08-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 440.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas08-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 561.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas07-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 326.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas07-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 325.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas07-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 439.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas07-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 562.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas06-2017-01-04_21.00.54.gz 442.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas06-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 325.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas06-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 328.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas06-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 536.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas05-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 2.4 KB 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas05-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 2.5 KB 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas05-2017-01-04_17.20.54.gz 325.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas05-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 532.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas05-2017-01-03_15.28.09.gz 3.3 KB 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas04-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 326.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas04-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 440.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas04-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 323.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas04-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 560.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas03-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 439.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas03-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 436.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas03-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 439.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas03-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 560.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas02-2017-01-04_21.00.55.gz 1.0 KB 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas02-2017-01-04_18.08.49.gz 927.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas02-2017-01-04_17.20.55.gz 327.0  B 2017-Jan-04
[gz] acsservicesdaemon_gas02-2017-01-04_17.15.18.gz 563.0  B 2017-Jan-04
33 Files - 0 Folders Total size: 21.9 KB  
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